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Buying is Easy!

Our fast database engine of yachts for sale allows you to search within a wide or narrow range of parameters to quickly help you find the one you are dreaming of. Our listings offer a comprehensive range of details to make an informed decision on whether the yacht meets your requirements.

When you find the yacht that interests you, just call the owner direct - they are the best person to answer any questions you may have.

Arrange a viewing and/or sea trial at a mutually convenient time and you could have the yacht sooner than you thought possible.

If you do not find your ideal yacht for sale on your first visit then complete the Buyer's Mailing List form and we will e-mail you every time a yacht matching your specifications is advertised.

You can offer your yacht for sale with us as well as using a Yacht Broker, unless you have given the Yacht Broker exclusive marketing and selling rights, although some may suggest that you cannot advertise privately at the same time as being under contract with them.

As you are not a Yacht Broker, if you find a buyer yourself you do not have to pay the brokerage fees. Check the wording of the contract with your Yacht Broker to confirm this.

Selling is even simpler!

We give you the advertiser more space for photos and in-depth information than most websites offering yachts for sale. Simply complete our on-line registration form and upload picture(s) from your computer.

Your advertisement will appear live on the internet as soon as payment is processed. We display the picture(s) and details of your yacht and e-mail details to all buyers who have registered an interest in yachts like yours. We also provide, if required, a 'For Sale' sign for display on your yacht at no additional cost.

There is no brokerage or commission to pay when you sell.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) produce a very useful book Buying A Secondhand Yacht (G21), available from their online shop as well as a 'Sale and Purchase Pack' for members.

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